DG Cargo & Perishable Cargo

Triumph provides cargo services for perishable and dangerous goods and we have DG qualified staff to handle the DG cargoes and have experienced staff to handle the perishable cargos


Perishable : Triumph delivers your Perishable cargo to its destination fresh & on time . We can meet the special requirement of a wide variety of perishables such as fresh fruits, vegetables, chilled/frozen meat & fish and flowers. Management of transit time and temperatures are crucial for perishable cargo. We ensure that perishables arrive / depart on time and in optimal & good condition considering direct flights with minimum transit time. This helps in eliminating unnecessary climatic changes. When a transfer from one flight to another is unavoidable, connecting times are carefully considered as some shipments may require re-icing or temporary storage in a temperature-controlled area such as a cool-room or a freezer.

Dangerous goods: Triumph can warehouse & transport most hazardous chemicals, such as flammable & non-flammable gases , toxic & nontoxic gases, flammable liquids & solids, spontaneous combustibles, oxidizing substances, corrosive substances, miscellaneous dangerous substances etc can be carried with specific approvals from the concerned regulatory and airlines, provided certain requirements are met.