Custom Documentation & Local Clearance


Customs documentation for Import/Export can be very complex and time-consuming & extensive preparation and submission of documentation. This can be a time-consuming activity which involves filing, continuous follow-up and coordination. It is hence prone to human and data entry errors and can result in potential delays, unnecessary costs, penalties, risks and lost sales.

Triumph provides a single-platform that enables your operations for quick, simplified, cost effective, compliant and efficient customs clearance.

  1. Physical Collection of shipping documentation including Purchase Orders, Sales Invoices, Bill of Entry, Bill of Lading, Airway Bills, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, etc
  2. Classification according to originating port, client, shipment type, etc
  3. Accurate and timely Customs Declaration reporting
  4. Reduced exception handling response time resulting in faster clearing of items and minimizing STORAGE charges
  5. Reduced fines and penalties of mis declared items due to human data entry errors
  6. Adherence to countries’ document retention policies
  7. Compliance to customs regulations for quality and timely deliveries