Crosstrades Shipments


CROSSTRADES SHIPMENTS is transported by either road, air or sea from one country to another but not through the local business base. For example, Triumph will send cargo from China to Europe without the goods routing via our client based in the UAE. And we at Triumph can meet this new demand and can arrange to ship your goods from anywhere in the world to your required final destination to make your cross-trade shipments simple and easy.

This service is delivered applying the same criteria and support from our experienced multilingual personnel as if we were handling your regular exports and imports. Furthermore, at Triumph we can support you with our advanced documentation process to produce international freight documentation and even track your cargo wherever they may be in the world.

  1. Highly skilled multilingual project handlers monitor shipments through every stage of transport
  2. International network of trusted shipping agents and freight forwarders
  3. Detailed route surveys & Global handling capability
  4. Customs clearance and documentation preparation with Cargo insurance